Writing Out Loud is a group of five very diverse people who make up a circle of authors.


Unity Barry is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute who uses her fine arts background to write historical fiction about artists. She is currently finishing a novel about Berthe Morisot, a 19th century Parisian of stunning beauty and grande bourgeoisie breeding who overcomes the severe restrictions put on women of her class to mold herself into a painter of soaring talent. Berthe accomplishes the then unheard of feat of blending career, marriage and motherhood, plus becoming one of the four founding members of the Impressionist Art Movement. Titled A Luscious Illumination, Unity’s book is first in a series about women in the arts. She has lived on Bernal Heights for over 30 years. For more about her and her novel go to www.unitybarry.com.

Ann Kircher is a biologist who lives in Bernal Heights.  She spent her early years living at her grandmother’s trading post on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico.  She has completed her first novel, The Chrysalis and the Codetalker and is working on a second, The Scorpio Convergence with coauthor John Culliney.

Kunal Mukherjee is a San Francisco poet and writer. Originally from West Bengal, he was raised in Hyderabad, India. Kunal holds a masters degree in Physics and has done post-graduate work in Energy Studies. He has worked as a masseur, a restaurateur and a manager of information technology. His passions include acting, music, travel, the environment and all animals.

 Kunal’s work has appeared in India Currents Magazine and in Hot Flashes: sexy little stories & poems. His poetry appeared in the next Hot Flashes 2 in 2007.  He also appeared on the Jay Leno Show in September 2006.  My Magical Palace is his first novel.

Joanna Bea. Traveler, adventurer and sensualist, Joanna combines the enjoyment of her journeys in the natural world to the journey of the interior feeling world. Her stories take place locally and internationally, from the heart of “the city” to the desert of the Middle East.  Her observations and quips about human nature keep her readers wondering what will happen next.

Being a San Francisco native has flavored her writing with street smarts combined with a sense of innocent vulnerability, discovery and inventiveness, which reflects the palette of her city’s culture.

Joanna can be found expressing her quirky style at home in front of her computer on the palm-lined avenue in San Francisco called Dolores Street. She gets a great deal of her material from meeting hundreds of people through her long time job selling real estate. As a result she has come into contact with the wealthiest and weirdest to the most seemingly well-adjusted folks. Spicy ingredients for a good story.

In recent years Joanne was the local restaurant reviewer for the neighborhood “fish wrap” called “The Liberty Hill Times.” Many readers looked forward to reading her yummy descriptions.

So just relax and enjoy and get ready for a sometimes heartbreaking, but always fun journey.

Carol Jauch. Raised in a Southern military family from Tennessee, Carol Jauch traveled throughout the U.S. and the Pacific as a child.   She settled down with her son in San Francisco, obtained a master’s degree at San Francisco State University, and has lived in the same house for three decades.  After a career spent writing public relations articles on topics such as the optimum amount of sugar in canned peaches and turning modular trailers into offices, Carol turned to fiction.  She’s currently working on Island Magnolia, a coming-of-age novel set in Guam.  When not writing, Carol pursues her other passion, following the San Francisco Giants.


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